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I did not expect that finally, I can meet someone who is my ideal woman. For me, I don’t usually believe in love at first sight or getting myself too attached with someone. But now, my perspective on life had changed. I allow myself to feel that beautiful moment in my life and I realized that there is something more in this world other than work. Well, I promise myself that I will live alone and single because having a partner sucks and you have to agreed on everything about them. You have to make decisions and have to ask for their opinions, or maybe I just cannot accept until now how our family gets broken, and that is why it is hard for me to have someone in my life and fear of being left.


I can still remember my simple beginnings in life, and the people behind me before. Yes, you heard it right, it was all before because it only exists in my past. It was a beautiful family back then, having my parents behind me and help me go through my life. They were my strength before, telling me that we will be together for a lifetime. I trust their words to me, and even a single thought of separation does not come to my mind. I always look forward to a brighter future with them, our dreams together and they will help me to reach it. I am pleased because my father has always been an excellent provider to us, he makes my life better and enjoyable. He is always there to protect me and guide me. I can still remember how he frightened the bullies and we both laugh together. We always play basketball, football, or have some swimming lessons. Even on his busy schedules he still finds time in me, a very hands-on father and encourages me. Every time I am sad, he always brought me my favorite toy because he knew that it always makes me happy after all. I am also blessed with a beautiful and caring woman; she loves to cook me my favorite food and prepared my things for school. She is a selfless mom, and I am proud of him as a father coming to my life. She makes I and dad happy all the time.


What a lovely family I have before, from my mom and pop. I was the only child, and so their attention and focus are in me. I feel so lucky back until such time my world falls apart because of my father’s mistake that causes my mom’s mental health risk. We are used that he always went home every night until he goes back alternately until he does not go home for a week. It continues for several months; my moms go crazy about it. She thinks that my dad had another woman and had an affair. To prove her instincts, she went to his work and asked for him. We had known that he already resign on his job and some of his friends told us that he impregnated another woman on their last hearing to him. Mom and I are shocks about it, especially for mom, she becomes hysterical and does not know what to do. Our home is filled with loneliness and frustrations. Mom stopped to took care of herself and I. My grandma visited us always to help me with household chores and feed mom. My mom still hallucinates about dad and keeps talking to herself alone. I cannot afford to send her to a mental hospital to add her loneliness. Grandma and I will help each other to watch over her. Thanked God, that even if lots of struggles and difficulties, I was so happy that I finally graduated from college.


I began to work, and earn money. My dream of having my own business is happening now. Mourn and agony replaced the happiness when my mom did suicide, and it is very devastating.


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